How to become camera friendly ๐Ÿ“ธ


No doubt, everyone wants to look good in every picture but sadly the reserve is mostly the case. We look good in the mirror but not so good in pictures. Why?? Why?? Cause you ain’t doing the right thing. So keep reading to find out๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are some few tips that will definitely help you out;

Holding on to something or sitting down makes us look more confident than actually standing up which requires us to think about what to do with our extremities e.g do I place my hands on my hips? Do I lean back on my hips? Should I cross my feet? What the heck am I suppose to do with my arms and legs!!! It’s actually quite frustrating. Sitting or holding on to something gives us norms to fall back on e.g I always cross my legs, I put my elbow on the arm of the chair, holding on to something with one or both hands gives our upper body a natural position and gives our mind something to focus other than your pictures taken.

The location matters a lot so you’ll be able to work with your surroundings to show off your facial and body posing skills. You should always have your pictures taken in comfortable environment where you’re the focus and if you happen to find yourself in a busy crowded place, blur the background so that the viewer can keep their eyes on you in the foreground.

Your face must be in tip top condition if you’re aiming for a portrait photo as modern cameras can capture even the tiniest fault on your skin

Embrace whatever unique features you have on your face e.g gap teeth, freckles, lazy eye, how squinting your face becomes whenever you smile etc, in that way boosts your confidence and you’ll look more natural and photogenic.

Don’t look at the camera straight on cause it’ll show the fullness of your face and reduce any natural shadows. Instead, slightly turn your face to the side to create natural highlights and shadow to your face.

Dress to impress but make sure you’re comfortable in those clothes.

Find a good light source. The source of light in your photo will greatly dictate the quality of your appearance. A light source directly above or from the beside will give you dark shadows under the eyes and bold background line while light source coming from behind will darken your entire body and ruin a great picture. The best photo lighting for photos occur in the hour of sunrise and the hour before sunset.

Find your perfect angle be it either the left or right side.

Show your genuine natural emotions.

Lastly, be confident.


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