Stop throwing out eggshells; they’re actually useful

Eggshells are commonly used as calcium supplement and it consists of calcium carbonate along with small amounts of protein, minerals; Strontium, Fluoride, Magnesium & Selenium and other organic compounds.

Just half an eggshell may provide enough calcium to meet the average daily requirements of an adult.

How to clean eggshells

Before reusing or consuming eggshells, it’s best for you to clean them inside and out to remove any residue or membrane to be free from bacteria such as Salmonella Enteritidis. You can either bake the shells or boil the eggs then peel it off, grind to a fine powder before consuming to prevent food poisoning.

* Excessive calcium intake may lead to health problems like kidney Stones and potentially raise the risk of heart disease.

Uses of eggshells

βœ“ Adding eggshells to ground coffee before brewing can actually reduce the bitter taste.

βœ“ Ground eggshells make excellent feed for birds like chickens, to produce healthy eggs.

βœ“ Eggshells powder are good source of calcium: Bake clean eggshells for 8 minutes/ boil the eggs and then peel the shells off, grind to fine powder. Add a teaspoon to your beverage, juice, smoothies,stock for a good calcium boost.

βœ“ Plant with your seedlings into the ground with the eggshells because they provide nutrients like calcium to the soil around it and they are inexpensive.

βœ“ Eggshells treat minor skin irritation: Soak your shells into ACV( Apple cider vinegar) for a couple of days. Dab a clean cotton ball into it and apply to the affected area to soothe it.

βœ“ Eggshell powder is good for facial treatment: 1) Whisk the powder with an egg white and use it for a skin tightening facial, allow to dry before rinsing out. 2) Put the powder into ice cube tray with water and rub to your face–reduces wrinkles. 3) Add the powder to your lotion or cream, it softens your hands.

βœ“ Adding eggshells to your ACV gives a super calcium boost: Put eggshells into your diluted vinegar for few days, then consume.

βœ“ Frozen solid eggshells are good for sharpening knives: Run your knife across the shells to create a sharper edge but make sure it’s frozen solid.

βœ“ Adding eggshells to soapy warm water will make a natural abrasive for pots and pans to remove dirt.

βœ“ The egg membrane can be a good first aid treatment for pimples,boil, cuts, splinter as it speeds up healing.


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