Music Music 🎢🎢, we all have emotional attachment to certain songs we listen to. We often reminded of something, someone, events,place.

When we listen to music,we tend to be lost in our own world where it’s just you and your sound.

Music relaxes the mindπŸ’†, energize the body and in some ways help people manage pain better.

In some ways, music affects our moods;

We listen to sad songs,we feel emotional

We listen to gospel songs,we feel uplifted and grateful

We listen to fast paced groovy songs,we just wanna get up and shake that tooshie(butt)πŸ€­πŸ˜…

We listen to slow songs,we feel calm and relaxed and so on……

Music improves cognitive performance. Have you ever noticed that we work faster when we listen to music than when we don’t. Am the kind of person that listen to music when I wanna do virtually anything. It makes us faster and makes dreadful work seem delightful.

Music reduces stress by soothing the mind and inducing relaxation.

Music can help you sleep better. Insomnia is a serious problem that affects all age groups, researchers have found that listening to music can be safe, effective and affordable remedy amongst others.

The lyrics of our best songs sometimes expresses what we aren’t able to say.

Music is food for the soul.


  1. So true. Music is food for the soul. Our bodies resonate to certain frequencies and they have the effects you’ve mentioned. You’ve written the article so well it felt like music 😏

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